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W2 Generator FAQ

Yes, self-employed individuals can use PayStubsNow to create their own self-employed pay stub. This is very helpful for maintaining proper income records, especially when one needs to provide proof of income for loans or leases.

A W-2 form, also known as the Wage and Tax Statement, is a document provided by employers to their employees and theInternal Revenue Service (IRS) in the United States. It summarizes an employee's annual earnings, tax withholdings,and other relevant information necessary for filing income taxes.

Here are some key details about the W-2 form:

  • Issuance: Employers are required by law to issue a W-2 form to each of their employees who earned wages during thetax year. This typically occurs by the end of January, following the end of the tax year.
  • Information Included: The W-2 form includes various details, such as the employee's name, address, Social Securitynumber, and the employer's identification number. It also provides a breakdown of the employee's wages, tips, andother compensation, as well as the amount of federal, state, and other taxes withheld from the employee's paythroughout the year.
  • Tax Withholdings: The W-2 form reflects the amounts withheld from an employee's paycheck for federal income tax,Social Security tax, Medicare tax, and any state or local income taxes, if applicable. These withholdings areimportant for determining whether an employee owes additional taxes or is eligible for a tax refund.
  • Filing and Reporting: When preparing their annual tax returns, employees use the information from their W-2 forms toreport their income and calculate their tax liabilities. The W-2 form is also submitted by the employer to the IRS toreconcile the employee's reported income with the employer's tax withholdings.
  • Distribution: Employees typically receive multiple copies of their W-2 form. They keep one for their records and usethe others when filing federal, state, and local tax returns.

It's important for employees to review their W-2 forms for accuracy and promptly address any discrepancies with their employer. The W-2 form is a vital document for fulfilling tax obligations and ensuring accurate reporting of income tothe IRS.

You need this as an employer as well when you let Uncle Sam at the IRS know exactly how much you withheld from your employees for taxes, as well as how much you paid out to your employees for the year. It helps develop transparency between not only yourself and your employees but also your relationship with the IRS.

Keep in mind you need to state all socially related payments as well, such as payments to the Social Security Administration and Medicare, and report them to the respective government facilities.

There are a few other W forms out there, such as the W-9 form and the W-8 – BEN form. These are not the same thing at all or different variations that serve the same purpose. W-9 forms are really for freelancers who have to file a different form (called a 1099-MISC form). The 1099-MISC form is also filled out by the employer, and that form is actually more related to a W-2 form but for freelancers.

The W8-Ben form is for foreign nationals working in the US who want the status to receive benefits. This is really about declaring the commitment to pay taxes versus an overview of your wages and taxes for the year.

These are pretty standard across the board. There are usually three main components that go into a stellar W-2 form.

  • Everything related to your business, from its name, address, tax ID number (or EIN number)
  • Everything related to your employees, similar to the above, name, address, social security number
  • All wages through the company (not necessarily all the wages or income the employee made, only the amounts made from your company) and all the relevant deductions from taxes, retirement accounts, social security, Medicare, and other private and public tax-deductible items your company provides.

Yes, there is a hard stop on January 31st of the following year. Of course, you can provide this anytime during the month of January, but you must be able to present it no later than the end of the month of the next year; otherwise, you’re out of compliance and could be subject to some form of penalty or compliance fee.

Of course, if that date doesn’t fall on a business day (Such as a Saturday or Sunday), you can get it to your employee the next possible business day, but no later than that, as you need to give your employee the right to review and file their taxes within a reasonable time period before the tax due date of April 15th the following year.

Keep in mind you need to file as a business this form as well on or before that date. The sooner you focus on this in the new year, the better off you’ll start that year without a headache.

First of all, this is like making a simple sandwich: easy to make, easy to mess up. Take your time with this, and consider who will need this and for what purpose. We’re talking about having a clear and compliant document for the Internal Revenue Services, meaning that you do not want to make a form that can seem incomplete in any way.

The first mistake you want not to make is missing the deadline to file. This can disrupt the whole process, lead to fees, lead to stress, and lead to frustrations.

Putting the wrong information or forgetting to put certain critical information (such as tax ID numbers) can be a big one. If you put your wrong tax ID or the wrong information for your employee, this can cause an unnecessary nightmare that could potentially lead to severe penalties.

Make sure that the whole form is completed, including the retirement, social security, and Medicare areas. These are different departments within the government with their own set of potential headaches.

In short, no. You need no one else to make this form. It all depends on how complex your business is with your employees, but these types of documents are pretty templated and straightforward with us. We made sure to have each section vetted by our own internal tax attorneys, so it will be like filling out a real W-2 for the IRS every time, whether for yourself or your employee.

Do consider an accountant to handle the actual paperwork, though.

As a W-2 form reports the annual wages and the total amount of taxes withheld from an employee's paycheck, such as federal and state taxes, social security tax, Medicare tax, etc., an employer must issue this crucial tax document to the employee and file it with the Social Security Administration by January 31 of the upcoming tax year. If they fail to do so, they will face penalties of $60-$310 for every missed form. Other than sharing the form late, a penalty may be applicable if they:

  • Fail to mention all the required information on the form
  • Include inaccurate information on the form
  • File in paper format when they are required to e-file
  • Fail to report a TIN or report an incorrect TIN
  • Fail to file a paper form that is machine-readable
If your business managed to generate annual revenue of $5 million or less in the past three tax years, it will come within the bracket of small businesses. Therefore, failure to furnish W-2 forms with the SSA can attract a maximum penalty of $1,261,000. For more information, you can refer to the IRS website.

If you lose your W-2 form, do not worry. Sometimes, documents can get lost, especially if they are held in paper format. You can always get another copy of the form from your current or previous employer. Just contact the human resources manager and apprise them of the situation, requesting them to issue you a fresh copy.

If you received a soft copy of the form but cannot locate the email, ask the HR manager to resend the original email or share the soft copy again. Usually, soft copies are stored in the payroll portals, allowing employees the flexibility to access the document at their convenience. You can log in using your credentials and download a soft copy for yourself, too. If you lost your form during the tax filing season, you must contact the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and mention that you lost your form and will require an extension (it typically lasts up to 6 months). You can visit their website and use the free file to electronically file for an extension, but make sure you do so by or before the April 15 deadline.

There are many people who work more than one job at a time. If you happen to hold two or more jobs or have multiple sources of income, you will be receiving a W-2 form from each employer. The W-2 form is a report/document that compiles financial information of an individual's income, taxes, and deductions for a given tax year and is used by the IRS and government to determine how much of a tax refund you are eligible for or additional taxes you need to pay. So, use information from each report to complete and file your annual tax return.

The online check stub maker at Paystubsnow.com is a tool designed to help both employers, business owners, and advisers easily produce pay stubs or W-2 forms for themselves and their employees. It is intuitive and user-friendly, requiring only that you fill out the necessary information before generating a check stub or W-2. Our software can help you save time and money.

Yes! Absolutely. On our website Paystubsnow, you have the freedom to make paystub online. Whether you are an employer or freelancer, you can create your own accurate and professional paystubs in just a few straightforward steps. Simply fill in the required information and generate your W-2 form or paystub within minutes.

Yes, you can use a paystub template to help create your W-2 on PaystubsNow. Just open the W-2 form generator and fill in the necessary details. The platform will generate your W-2 based on the information provided which you can obtain from your paystubs. This can be a convenient and time-saving option to handle your tax documentation needs.

The best paystub generator to use for creating W-2 forms is Paystubsnow. This digital platform offers an intuitive, easy-to-use system that allows users to create professional and accurate pay stubs quickly and efficiently. With its reliable and secure services, Paystubsnow is an unbeatable choice for all paystub needs, including generating W-2 forms.

You can effectively utilize our paystub maker by following a simple, easy-to-understand process. Starting with providing the required information, such as employer and employee details, income and deductions, our paystub maker will accurately calculate the necessary taxes and generate a professional paystub instantly. Additionally, the generated paystub can be downloaded, printed, or emailed, increasing your convenience and efficiency.